Monday, January 08, 2007

Do Pinoys cope well with failure?

Do Pinoys cope well with failure?

Pinoys tend to handle failure a bit better than our Asian counterparts. Learning to deal with failure is learning to cope with stress. Stress usually is the start of more serious health and mental problem if not handled properly. After all, stress is a factor in failure.

Everyone will experience failure at one point in time. Failing at your studies, love life and perhaps in work and in business will usually lead to depression and lack of self confidence. Of course no one like to fail, but failure builds character, understanding and mature one's ego. If you are afraid to fail, then you will never achieve your goal in life since you will never try new things. If Henry Sy never took the first brave steps, he would never be the Philippines retail king and mall magnate.

As I said earlier. Pinoys can cope with failure quite well. With our "bahala na" attitude, we can just brush aside our failures and laugh at it. But we must not only cope with failure, but also learn from it and turn the next opportunity into a success.


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