Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pinoy Advertising Using Flyers

Ad Flyer

Advertising using flyers is a cost effective way of delivering your product or services to your potential customers. Ad flyers are usually handed out on the street, near LRT or MRT stations, wherever there are lots of human traffic.

Almost all of us have been handed an ad flyer at some point specially at malls. Its not uncommon for someone to accumulate handfuls of ad flyers just by strolling the mall. Most flyers being distributed in malls are about various food promos and agents selling real estate.

For a real estate agent, advertising in newspapers on a daily basis is expensive, most agents prefer using ad flyers because they are direct, often they can talk to the people they are giving the flyer to and they will be able to choose who they will give it to, which is ofcourse well off or rich looking individuals which is their target market, and this is one reason why I seldom get any flyers about real estate ^-^

Competition among food establishments in malls is especially fierce, since its is usually dominated by Jollibee, KFC and McDonalds. Smaller players have to come up with cleaver ways to entice potential customers by offering more value item foods that cost less or have bigger serving portions. And the best, cheapest and most direct way to get the message across is again, via ad flyers because you may have the best bang for the buck combo meal out there, But if no one knows you exist or they are not aware you are offering this meal, you might as well close shop.


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