Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Philippine Billboard Advertising

Philippine Billboard Advertising

One of the most prevalent form of advertisement in the Philippines whenever you go take a drive or commute to work especially on EDSA. Billboard advertising is the solution to many advertisers who complain that television media is just too expensive to be feasible anymore. Big and colorful pictures with your favorite artista endorsing their products is extremely eye catching and will reach a wide variety of audience.

There are a couple types of billboards that are available and most of us probably encountered some if not all during our daily drive or commute.

Traditional billboards - These are the most common type of billboard and is basically painted or printed on a vinyl sheet or Vinyl banners which are stretched over the face of the display.

Mechanical billboards - These billboards show three separate advertisements in rotation using a mechanical system. The displays for these billboards are printed on strips of vinyl which are fixed to the faces of the triangular panels, with one strip from each of three different displays attached to each panel. In this way as the panels rotate and pause three unique advertising messages can be displayed on the same structure.

Digital billboards - New billboards are being produced that are entirely digital,using LED and similar techniques, allowing static advertisements to rotate in succession.

Mobile billboards - Billboards can also be made mobile, either by mounting a traditional billboard onto a trailer or flatbed truck, or by covering an entire vehicle in a "wrap" image. Rarely seen in the Philippines, I for one have not see it yet but I've heard these mobile billboards exist somewhere in Metro Manila.

Since the destruction brought about by typhoon milenyo. Local government as well as the national government has taken a closer look on the zoning practices of our local billboard advertisers since many of their billboards fell and cause damages to life and property. Billboard owners must follow the proper zoning laws and must not think of only profits and be more socially responsible.


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    Krupska Lenina said...

    very useful thanks!

    Roselle said...

    can you post the outdoor billboard ads here in the phils? tnx

    Tech Support said...

    You can find a lot of billboard pictures if you go to . You will find there EDSA billboards, billboard on SLEX and C5.