Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Philippine Franchise Business Time Deposits Mutual Funds Uitfs

Time Deposits Mutual Funds Uitfs

  • Bonds - Amortizing Premium

  • Bonds - Basics

  • Mutual funds - Money-Market funds

  • Mutual funds - Redemptions

  • Mutual funds - Types of funds

  • Mutual funds versus stocks

  • Before buying a mutual fund, interview your broker

  • What You Should Know About UITFs

  • Investing In Time Deposits

  • Unit Investment Trust Funds

  • Peso Time deposits at an all time low

  • Investment Alternatives To Time Deposit

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    Anonymous said...

    hi great and helpful information ,however could u please help me to decide which of the investment that u mentioned above that is of less risk ...thank you

    cool_78 said...

    The investment that has the least amount of risk is the time deposit. You are even insured up to 250k pesos in case the bank you have deposited your money into suddenly declared bankruptcy. However, low risk equals to low yield and time deposits offer the lowest return among all investment instruments.

    Anonymous said...

    Hi I appreciate your all blogs here. Can you please put a topic regarding for a OFW - PAGIBIG OVESEAS FUND and the SSS FLEXI FUND. For OFW. all the question And the dividends and Return of Investments regarding this matter. And it is ok to deal to this government owned if it is SAFE? Thanks COOL_78.

    Alex From Dubai, UAE

    cool_78 said...

    Hello Alex and thank you so much for those kind words :-) I will post a topic about various investment options for OFWs and believe it or not, government securities are the safest form of investment.

    It's even safer than bank deposits with PDIC coverage since it is the Philippine government who owes you money.

    Look for my new article regarding this soon and please do come back and visit my blog regularly.

    Anonymous said...

    Hi cool_78, this is alex how are you, I am waiting for your new article regarding OFW Investment and the government program for us (OFW). Thanks.

    Dubai, UAE