Friday, December 08, 2006

Legal Advice before Starting a Business

Legal Advice

Most who want to start a business do not know anything about the legalities of running their type of business, there are many laws that differ from business to business and its best to seek legal advice before taking the plunge.

For example, there are some laws that are specific for the food business, some for retail stores and another set for service oriented business. Its best to consult first s lawyer for their legal advice than starting ahead with the business only to find out you are breaking the law. And once you're caught by government agents, It will be very expensive for you to pay the fines or to bribe someone there to look the other way.

Sad to say but bribery or lagay is the norm nowadays when doing business. Most businessmen and companies treat this as their miscellaneous expense. To prevent head aches in the future, go ahead and ask a lawyer for their legal advice. It may cost some money but would you rather spend a lot more when you're caught whether knowingly or unknowlingly violating the law. As they say ignorance of the law excuses no one... kuno in da Philippines.


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