Thursday, December 07, 2006

Death Insurance

Death Insurance

Most of us pinoys have heared and are familiar with the term life insurance. But what about death insurance? At first glance, life and death is the opposite of each other but if you analyze them carefully they are the same. We pay for life insurance so that when we die our beneficiary will get something so that they will not face financial problems.

But we have to die in order to benefit from our life insurance policy, so isnt it more appropriate that instead if calling it life insurance the proper term should be death insurance? But that name dosent sound as nice and most of us are allergic of the word death.

When you come accross this word, its actually just another term that you can call life insurance. There are some plans that will pay you a certain amount if you live past a certain age. This is invaluable since people are living longer than before and this will ensure that the plan holder will have sufficient funds to see through his or her needs.


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