Saturday, December 16, 2006

Franchising SoapForLess Refill Station

SOAPFORLESS is the 1st soap refilling station that was launch Dec 9, 2005. The business is owned and managed by Ms. Juliet Mendoza with strong entrepreneurial spirit who believes in creating a distribution that is low cost and offering high quality products and services in the most efficient way. We offer a minimum price structure of P5 per 100ml / grams on all three products. Our expansion was brought by the overwhelming acceptance of its concept and simplicity of our business structure.


Fabric Conditioner - Provides a luxurious softness to garments. It controls static electricity and minimize lint formation. Using Soapforless Fabric Conditioner reduces wrinkling after washing so we spent less time ironing. It also enchances soil repellance for easier washing.

Dishwashing Liquid - Is a general purpose cleaner use for washing glassware, tableware, utensils and all hard surfaces in the home and commercial establishment. Soapforless dishwashing liquid is a mild detergent used for cleaning cars and sensitive fabrics like silk and wool. It is made of coconut based sulfactant which is compatible to the skin. It is pleasantly scented.

Ultra Powder Detergent - Is an innovative fabric care product that provides a convenient solution to your laundry problems. It has an advance surfactant and antiredeposition systems that loosens soils. The soils remain suspended in the water so they dont redeposit onto the cleaned fabrics. It gives a pleasant fragrance and is gentle to your hand.


* Low capital investment
* Minimum space requirement (3 square foot)
* Business site ideal at homes, market, sari-sari stores, and other small and big establishment
* Potentially high volume of sales
* 2 to 3 months return of investment (ROI)

Start up Capital as a retailer is - P 25,000
As a jobber is - P200,000


* Dispenser Unit
* Advertising Material
* Store Opening Support
* Initial Inventory
* Crew Uniform
* Training and operating manuals


* Super Savings against leading brand
* Value for money
* Buy per ml program
* Environment friendly
* Superior quality
* Basic commodity

Hot to apply? Send us a Letter of Intent which includes the following informations:

* Name, contact numbers and address
* Present occupation and present type of business
* Proposed location / Territory. Pls include location map of the of the proposed site with the landmarks.
* Intended date of opening
* Specify whether (jobber or retailer)


Contact details:

Ms. Julia V. Mendoza
Telephone No. 725-1099; 426-2277 Mobile 0922-8106995
Email Address,

Mr. James Talla
Telephone No. 453-0879/82Mobile 0917-8487354
Email Address

Rm 302, LM Building
F. Bluemetritt St., San Juan
Telephone No. 725-1972
Email Address

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