Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Franchising Lessons from 101 Dalmatians

by Russelle S. Trinidad - SME BizLink Editor

Since today is our 101st issue, let me just ride on the popularity of Walt Disney’s film, 101 Dalmatians. Although the film has no objectionable content whatsoever, what I have realized actually about the movie is the aspect—particularly the dogs can be taken out of the story, but there is a great purpose of such use of figure. Well, in life we make mistakes and we learn from those mistakes.

I must say that in running a business it is like making a good story. A business success story is not worthy to be told if the owners, the managers or supervisors do not know how to run the show. The number 101 is indeed a leap of faith.

Why is it?

Normally the minds are just stuck with 100. Making it perfect. Achieving the ultimate so to speak. It is standard or the benchmark. But in reality it is not just that, especially if you have your own business.

For individuals who think that the way to liberate themselves from slave-driving bosses is to rather own a business. Well, it is one, but the real picture may change especially if you are already in the business or your business is already running. One cannot afford to lax.

A kite flying up in the sky or suspended in mid air due to strong steady wind will not forever be up there if you do not watch the course of the wind. What if another kite, out of nowhere attempts to jeopardize and abort the ’success’ the kite is enjoying? How will the kite owner handle it? Another analogy is crossing the streets. The basic way is to look to your right and to your left. You do not just look one-way or else you would not know what’s coming.

That is calculated risks.

Having a business is taking risks just like running your life. One is not going to jump into something that he or she is totally clueless with. So, what does it have to do with the number 101?

The number 101 is actually pushing one’s limit. Doing extra if necessary. If you think that an idea is working, one should not be contented, rather take a leap. It is having the attitude of one of Google’s bigwigs, “having a lealthy disregard for the impossible.” The number 1 added to 100 is what we call the S-T-R-E-T-C-H.

This article was originally published on SME BizLink e-magazine of SME.com.ph

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