Saturday, July 22, 2006

Water refilling station: Very good franchise business

The reason why I say its a good business wether you start your own or you franchise:

1. you can earn 20 to 40thousand pesos a month.

2. Very easy to operate. You just let your machine run and stop automatically. Every 5gallon you distribute is P35.00 pesos instatntly.

3. Everybody needs water. Unlike other business merong trend. Ito it will go on and you can even pass the business on to your children.

4. You do not need to go outside your place to buy for the raw mat. Water is flowing right into your house.

5. This is very fast growing industry and those who have started first have already gained a lot.

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    Bong Nate said...

    where can i find the complete list of franchising business for water refilling stations? I have a very good and feasible proposal for all water refillers.

    cool_78 said...

    from what I heared you could ask for the list from DTI for those who applied water refilling station as their business. Iam not sure if they will give you the list. You could try the yellow pages under (W)

    Hope the info I provided is of some use to you, Thanks for stopping by my blog

    Anonymous said...

    hi, i am thinking of going to a water refilling business... can you give me some idea of how much its capital would be? and what are the first steps that i should do? thanks

    Anonymous said...

    im having a great time reading your is very informative. same with interested in water refilling business...i would like to know the necessary information in starting a business like water refilling...pls help me.

    penny said...

    where can i find information on Dunkin Donuts retailing franchise?

    cool_78 said...

    Thanks for your kind words :-) The most important thing when starting a water refilling station is you location. A nice niche market is catering to people living in subdivisions. Since rental is significantly cheaper in a residential area compared to a commercial establishment you will save a lot more money in your operating cost. The second most important decision if what type of filter you are going to get. There are different types of filters with different number of filtering stages. The longer the stages of purification the more expensive the filter. Third is how do you deliver your product. The good news is since you are catering to a subdivision. You don't necessarily have to buy a delivery van. You could just buy a sidecar and have it modified to fit the water gallon and ask you hired help to deliver it. This will also save gas money. Hope my suggestions help and thanks a lot for reading my blog.

    Hello Penny. You can visit Dunkin Donuts website for more information on getting a franchise.

    Thanks very much for visiting! :-)

    Weng said...

    hi! we offer installation and maintenance services for water refilling. please email me for details. For installation, our package starts to as low as P250 k only. Price increase depending on the number of purification stages.

    Email me @

    Anonymous said...

    ndaquilos ....pwede mo ba me matulungan kung saan ang mga factory or contact number ng mga bottles ng mga mineral water. thank you

    cool_78 said...

    Plastic water container factories are usually located in Caloocan and Valenzuela. I'll ask my contacts for a number and refer you to them. Thanks very much!

    Anonymous said...

    meron ba 50k downpaymnet for the water refilling station for bacoor cavite? deepwell po ang source ng tubig namin.
    kahit po mineral lang sana ang output but mas maganda kung purified.
    contact me at 09185536760 and look for verginette

    cool_78 said...

    Hi! here are some water refilling companies that you can contact for your franchising needs. Pure Flow Water Refill Station Crystal Clear Water Refill Station Aquahealth Water Refill Station Aqua 2000 Water Refill Station

    Anonymous said...

    good day! i owned a water refilling station and im running this business for almost 2 years. im having my vendo machines( piso-piso) and the purified ice cubes. can you please share me some business strategy to have my business more profitable. tanx.

    jc said...

    hi. I'll be starting a water refilling business this year. I would like to know if there are labor rules on small scale businesses like mine, since i'll be employing 2-3 employees only. thank you!


    Anonymous said...

    can you send me a quotation of all the equipment the prices itself for a 2000lpd water refilling station and if it is possible that you will send me also a brief plan or floor plan regarding on how to install and make s station.

    Anonymous said...

    For those who are planning to have a business... WATER REFILLING STATION is the BEST for you... We are offering a 30% discounts for spot cash buyers and we offer up to 36 months payment terms... NO FRANCHISE FEE, NO ROYALTY FEE, NO MARKETING FEE and FREE INSTALATION... and we offer FRE SEMINAR Daily for those interested clients...

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    Arnel said...

    I am offering a great business opportunity to investors who could additionally finance at least Php 100,000 my one year old purified water refilling station located in our place in Maragondon, Cavite.
    I have already invested about 800K pesos in this business but still not enough.
    Additional fund will be used to buy some more inventories such as containers and water dispensers to full blast operations and some amount to settle previous loan with high interest rate (5%) to maximize profit.

    I offer 24% interest rate per annum to investor plus royalty fee of Php 1.00 per every 5 gallons of container sold every month. Royalty fee will last for a period of 1 year commencing after full payment of the total loan /investment and accrued interest as a gratitude.

    Mode of payment: Straight monthly payment payable in 2 years.
    Payment of Royalty fee will be given every end of the month computed as gross monthly sale divided by prevailing price of 5 gallons purified water starting after 2 years. Guaranteed royalty fee per month at present is at least Php 2,000 which may increase in months time.

    A notarized contract agreement shall be prepared to protect the interest of both parties.

    Please let me know if you are interested. I can accommodate only one investor actually.

    Anonymous said...

    TRY WATER REFILLING STATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM it is complete solution for all your water station problems. No more container lost, water theft, mismanagement, miscalculations. It can make daily inventory, sales, ledgering and customer follow ups. Very cheap and affordable and user friendly. For info 09183337000 /

    Anonymous said...

    hi, can you give me contact nos of where can i buy 5 gallons containers at a very low price for my upcoming refilling station here in cagayan de oro city.

    Or do you know some companies who allow me to be their distributor of their 5 gallon containers?

    please email me at your reply is very much appreciated.

    belle said...

    to all those who are looking for direct distributorship of bottles, parts, all water station support products, Worlds Of Water (WOW) is the answer to your needs.Our company is a direct importer of all our parts and supplies and at the same time we have a manufacturing plant for 5 gallon containers both slim and round at the best price with of course best quality.
    u can reach me at 0917-852-7126 or u can email me at

    Rachel said...

    Hi to All,
    I'm Rachel frm WATER MARKET SYSTEM INC.We offer as low as 112,400.00 only with 24 stages, automatic set up..all in complete..
    No Franchise Fee,no Hidden Charges!!

    more info:pls free to txt or kol me @0908.3390.987/0917.825.4575/0923.657.6700/4970787(direct line)or email me @ edenrachelbaby@YAHOO.COM

    Best Regards

    Anonymous said...

    Hi to ALL!

    Just in case you are interested in setting up your WRS, please consider our company, GQWEST, the maker of AQUABEST.

    We assure you that sa SA AQUABEST HINDI LANG MAKINA ANG BINIBILI MO, NEGOSYONG KIKITA NG SIGURADO..For your inquiries, you may contact me in these numbers +632 3711282, +639202673456, +639228172746 and +639178150923.

    You can also email your inquiries to this email address: and giotech2009@yahoo.comGiovanni P. Bogasan
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    Global Quality Waters and Environmental Solutions Technologies, Inc.

    Anonymous said...

    Hi po Sir Bong Nate.

    Please consider us, GQWEST, the maker of AQUABEST.

    For your inquiries, you may contact me in these numbers +632 3711282, +639202673456, +639228172746 and +639178150923.

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    Giovanni P. Bogasan

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    Anonymous said...

    Hi to all bloggers, I am new to this stiffs and I am deciding on opening up a business on water refilling station,I live in Cavite but I want to start this business in a new subdivision in Dasmarinas Cavite. Is there anyone that can help me to start this business without spending so much money, I mean there are people who started doing this business without spending P500k but they are doing good. Also where can I find a seminar where I can take before pursuing this business venture.

    PLease email me at

    btw cool_78 your blog is very useful, but I can't decide which to take I hope you can help me. Thanks!

    Thank you all!

    Chris said...

    Hi guys...anyone with tips on inventory management? Buzz me.

    Anonymous said...

    hello, im hazel, i am planning to put up water station here in my place since we are near in a subdivision.. i just want to ask if how much capital do i need to put up this kind of business...

    dsj said...

    To all water station owner, managers and those who will open this business soon.

    Ganyan din ang problema ko dati sa inventory ng galon.. Sa katagalan mas marami pa ako nainvest na galon kumpara sa presyo ng water refilling machine ko.

    Madalas pa kami mapaaway dahil sa pahiram na mga galon

    Ngayon hindi na kami nawawalan at alam na namin lahat ng mga pinapahiram. May kumpleto na kaming inventory araw araw.. lahat ng sales accounted na... pati product water accounted lahat kung saan napupunta...

    Ang WATER REFILLING STATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ang naging solusyon. Marami na ang nakasubok at gumagamit na nito.. TRY NA

    FREE - NO COMMITMENT DEMONSTRATION Contact 0929-1911366 or visit

    Know all water station problems and potential loses.

    good luck sa water biz NYO


    Anonymous said...

    Im planning to franchise a water refilling station, can you send me a quotation of independent and with name water station, Cris Bautista of laguna

    Anonymous said...


    thank you very much for posting this website. I had fun reading it and its very informative. i will be back and maybe ill keep intouch soon. I have so many plans of opening my own business and so far i found them all here, its nice to know that the ideas i have are viable since most of it are an on goig business already. thanks.for now i am just a sutisfied reader of this wensite.

    Anonymous said...

    id like to have a franchise business for water refilling stations. can you suggest me how?

    Rche Latras said...

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