Saturday, May 20, 2006

Why you should Franchise

You should franchise your business if you want to significantly expand it, that is if you want to grow your business to its optimum size and maximum profitability.

Many great fortunes have been built on Franchising. This is done by Franchising a business concept, growing it to a level where it fits the profile for an IPO and then take the company public.

The market can value your company at a level much greater than the gross sales and profits of the company can justify. If the market thinks your company has the potential for Great Growth, then the market will value your company and its stock highly and you can become richer than you ever dreamed possible.

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    Vangie said...

    good morning!!nice i can get in touch with u?i want to learn everything in terms of business,maybe you can give me some advice :)

    Vangie said...

    good morning!!nice blog..hopefully i can get in touch with you to learn more :)

    cool_78 said...

    Hi! Vangie Thanks for supporting my blog. You can reach me via email