Saturday, May 20, 2006

Listening to your employees: Why don't we hear others

If you want to listen to your employees so you really hear what they say for your franchise business, make sure you're not a:

* Mind reader - You'll hear little or nothing as you think "What is this person really thinking or feeling?"

* Rehearser - Your mental tryouts for "Here's what I'll say next" tune out the speaker.

* Filterer - Some call this selective listening-hearing only what you want to hear.

* Dreamer - Drifting off during a face-to-face conversation can lead to an ambarassing "What did you say?"
or Could you repeat that?"

* Identifier - If you refer everything you hear to your experience, you probably didn't really hear what said.

* Comparer - When you get side-tracked assessing the messenger, you're sure to miss the message.

* Derailer - Changing subject too quickly tells others you're not interested in anything they have to say.

* Sparrer - You hear what's said but quickly belittle it or discount it. That put's you in the same class as the

* Placater - Agreeing with everything you hear just to be nice or to avoid conflict does not mean you're a good listener.

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