Friday, May 12, 2006

Benefits of business advertising in any economy

Studies show advertising during any economy, wether good or bad produces customer loyalty and a long-term competitive advantage for your franchise business.

  • Business to business media is an undisputed ally for advertisers seeking to reach executives about products and services for their businesses.
  • Businesses that continue to advertise regardless of economic times have a competitive advantage over business that trim their ad budgets.
  • A business to business (b-to-b) media study conducted showed more than 85 percent of business executives believe advertising during a down economy is extremely important.

Business to business media is an undisputed ally for advertisers seeking to reach executives about products and services for their businesses. A showed that despite slow economic times, executives rely on business to business media for information more than any other media source for the influence or support of purchase decisions.

Competitive advantage

Advertising during a sluggish economy clearly creates a competitive advantage, according to the study, with a majority of executives agreeing that seeing a company advertise during slower times makes them feel more positive about the company’s commitment to its products and services. But perhaps most important is staying at the top of buyers’ minds when purchase decisions are made.

"For advertisers interested in maximum profit from their investment in business to business media, these research results indicate that advertising frequently and capitalizing on the synergistic effect of print, Web sites and trade shows is a sure path to increasing awareness, interest and purchase," said the study authors.

Add to that the fact that there has been dramatic increases in the time executives spend visiting business to business Web sites over the past three years and online advertising is a winning strategy. Moreover, the study findings are consistent across industry sectors, making results relevant regardless of business category.

Cross media approach

A cross media approach is the best approach, according to experts, because it allows your company to stay in front of customers consistently.

Executives value magazines, Web sites and trade shows for different reasons. Business to business magazines are favorably evaluated with respect to being "highly credible sources" and "providing information you can trust." Business to business Web sites rate high for being "primary sources of research" and providing "access to the latest information." And business to business trade shows are highly regarded for enabling "interaction with industry peers."

"To stay on top of developments in your field, it’s important to seek information from multiple media sources, like business to business magazines, Web sites and trade shows," said the study authors.

Follow these advice to boost the popularity = sales for your franchise business.

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