Sunday, August 26, 2012

Jolliant Rapsa Pinoy Franchise

Rice is the staple food of the Philippines. Your lunch, dinner and perhaps even breakfast is not complete without eating it. Is it a wonder that rice meals are very popular with Pinoys? Even the most popular fast food and fine dining restaurants offer rice meals and these usually are their top sellers.

For the masses that’s looking for a quick rice meal fix that is affordable, yet very filling need not go looking very far. Jolliant Rapsa Pinoy Best Rice Toppings offers delicious but very affordable rice topped meals like Pinakbet, Dinuguan, Beef Caldereta and more. With prices that currently range from 49 to 55 Php, its sure to be a hit among the crowd. They are expanding their business and currently looking for individuals who share their passion for the business.

Franchise Details:

Franchise Fee: P130, 000.00
Franchise Term: 3 years
Minimum Space Required: 4 sqm

Contact Details:

Contact Person: Ms. Andrea Ballatan
Contact Address: 242 E. Aldrin Street Phase1, Moonwalk Village, ParaƱaque City, Philippines
Contact Numbers: (02)8215840, (02)8219540 and (02)8369642

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Anonymous said...

Today, most fast food franchises are reporting growth and continue to be extremely successful, despite the economy. So, starting a Jolliant Rapsa Pinoy franchise seems to be a profitable venture.