Sunday, February 05, 2012

The Banana Experience Franchise

Here something unique to kick off 2012. The Banana Experience is the home of everything that is banana. From their delicious tasting frozen banana, banana spilt in a cup, saba con hielo, jungle smoothies and honey dipped banana chips. Each one adds a unique twist to the traditional banana that we have all grown to love. With majority of Filipinos now starting to get health conscious, they will instinctively look for products that are healthy for the body and bananas as you know is chock full of potassium and low in sodium. Expect to see The Banana Experience to be the next big thing in the food industry. They are now looking to expand their business and are open for franchise.  

Franchise Details:

  • Total Capital Investment: P400, 000.00 to 500,000.00
  • Franchise Fee: P100, 000.00
  • Royalty Fee: 3% of gross sales to be paid weekly
  • Marketing and Advertising Fee: 3% of gross sales collected monthly

Contact Details:

  • Contact Person: Ms. Arit Mangalindan    
  • Contact Address: A-800 Palace St. Tropical Palace Resort BF International Las Pinas City
  • Contact Number: (02)5532181
  • Fax: (02)5533384    
  • E-MAIL:

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