Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pinoy Ice Scramble Franchise

Ah... ice scramble, one of the pleasant things in life that totally sends me back to my more carefree and optimistic childhood days of eating this on the road topped with delicious chocolate syrup and milk power while on recess or on my way home from school.  I am quite sure most Filipinos have this fond memory also of their school and ice scramble days.

Let’s fast forward to the present.  Ice scramble has certainly evolved from their push cart days to the food cart we are now all familiar with. Not only is it now more hygienic, it also comes with a variety of toppings kids like us back then could only imagine.

When it comes to ice scrambles, one of the most popular brands is the Pinoy Ice Scramble, bought to us by E-R Foods Co. Ltd.  They have already various kiosks set up in strategic locations and are currently offering their business up for franchise and is member of the Philippine Franchise Association (PFA) so no need to worry if this is a fly by night company.  They are now looking for entrepreneurs who share their vision.

Franchise Details:

  • Total Capital Investment: P180, 000.00
  • Franchise Fee: P60, 000.00
  • Marketing and Advertising Fee: 1%
  • Terms of Renewal: 3years        

Contact Details

  • Company: Empeno-Reyes Foods Co. Ltd.    
  • Contact Person: Mr. Michael Reyes    
  • Contact Address: Unit 11-0 Torre Venezia 63 Timog Ave., Quezon City    
  • Contact Numbers: (02) 3325750 Fax: (02)3325250
  • E-mail:

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Brian said...

This seems like a good franchise opportunity. I will consider it.

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