Thursday, December 30, 2010

Franchise Business in 2011

Happy new year to everybody! 2010 is certainly a banner year for the franchise industry, lots of news and happenings but none can top the headline being the acquisition of fast food giant Jollibee Foods Corporation of bitter rival Mang Inasal for a whooping 3 billion pesos from Mr. Edgar "Injap" Sia II and he still retains 30% ownership. Now that's a success story that will inspire entrepreneurs everywhere to be the next Mang Inasal.

Now with the new year just a few hours away, what can we expect this 2011? Well my fearless (and totally personal views and opinion) forecast is that food franchises will still be reigning supreme, the franchise industry will be further regulated (which is a good thing considering the amount of fly by night companies offering shabby franchises), more expos and seminars with regards to franchising and major expansions for up and coming franchises seeking to make a name for themselves. It's going to be a great year up ahead.

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Vic said...

Wow, that's lots of money. It's a good news at least for me seeing two Philippine giant companies cooperating each other. Besides, Jolibee and Mag Inasal offer different kind of fast food.