Sunday, May 17, 2009

Franchising Tita Lynns Flavored Suman

Suman is a traditional Filipino food that is made from glutinous rice usually cooked in coconut milk and wrapped in leaves. This is a favorite for many generations of Filipinos and is associated with our tradition and cultural identity. Tita Lynns has reinvented the suman which is now offered in a wide variety of flavors like chocolate, pandan and more. Aside from the venerable suman, Tita Lynns flavored suman also offers bibingka and great tasting beverages of their own unique concoction like chocolate and coffee. This is another sure winner in the battle for our discriminating taste buds. Tita Lynns is now seeking to expand their business and is now open for franchise.

Franchise Information:

Franchise Fee:
  • Food Cart: 175,000.00 pesos
  • Food Kiosk: 300,000.00 pesos
Franchise inclusive of:
  • Use of Trade name and Proprietary marks
  • Site approval, location and construction
  • Training for franchisee, supervisor, service and staff
  • Bricks and display on loan
  • Procurement, marketing and advertising Assistance
  • Operations manual plus Research and Development
Franchise Term: 5 years

Capital Requirement:

  • Food cart: 300,000.00 pesos
  • Food kiosk: 800,000.00 pesos
Royalty Fee:
  • Food cart: None
  • Food Kiosk: 5% on non-suman products
Minimum Space Required:
  • Food cart: 3 sqm.
  • Food kiosk: 12 sqm.
Contact Details:

RK Franchise Consultancy Inc.
Ground Floor Minnesota Mansion, 267 Ermin Garcia St.
Cubao, Quezon City
Land Line: (02)9122946 and (02)9550734
Fax Numbers: (02)9122973
Cebu Branch Land Line: (032)2383933

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Lito|TheFilipinoEntrepreneur.Com said...

Thanks for sharing this info. Do you have a hapi haus donut franchise?