Sunday, April 26, 2009

Franchising The Generics Pharmacy

With the cost of medicine skyrocketing these days, people are now looking for cheaper alternatives to branded medicine, enter The Generics Pharmacy. Generic Medicine is now gaining popularity as many people are being made aware that they basically have the same active ingredients, dosage and strength as their branded counterparts but only at a fraction of the price. The Generics Pharmacy understood the need of the masses and has been offering affordable medicine that otherwise is out of reach for most Filipinos. The Generics Pharmacy dreams to contribute to the health care of the Filipino people and through franchising; they hope to reach more areas and communities that need affordable medicine.

Franchise Details:

Store Location: Can be a standalone store or located inside an existing grocery, hospital, department or convenience stores.

Franchise Fee:
600,000.00 to 800,000.00 pesos inclusive of franchise fee and total support system

Franchise Term:
3 years renewable

Royalty Fee:
1% of gross sales monthly

Minimum Space Required:
15 sqm

Contact Details:

I-Franchise Sales and Management Inc.
Land Line. : (632) 634-3717; (632) 634-0586
Fax: (632) 635-6005
Address: Unit 2807 Jollibee Plaza Emerald Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City


Les Pauls said...

What a great idea

Anonymous said...

600k to 800k is the investment capital? Pls sendme details on how
Franchise. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

please send me the information also.. a step by step guide to franchise in this business.. thanks..
email me here

Anonymous said...

Send me the necessary information both technical and commercial at



Anonymous said...

Please send me guide on how to franchise, and if you have suggested locations. I live in Marikina. Do you have list of existing stores in the area and nearby cities.

My email address is


Anonymous said...

Please send me additional information on the franchise. Does the franchise cover the initial stock load? Do you have demograhic survey that works best for your franchises?

Anonymous said...

hi. i'm really interested on this.. can you give some advise on how can i qualify in the franchise prequalification? there is this part there of financial statements and income do i have to declare large figures? how? i'm an private employee and will only loan for this.. give some advise please..


Serafin said...

I'm interested. Kindly send me the requirements and procedure. Thanks.