Sunday, August 17, 2008

Franchising Frito Frio

Fried ice cream is something that many Filipinos are not familiar with but will fall in love once they tried it and Frito Frio brings that kind of love to our taste buds. Frederick Siy founded that concept and brought fried ice cream to the Philippines in 2005 when he chanced upon a restaurant selling fried ice cream while in France.

Frito Frio introduced a whole new concept of fried to order pre-mixed flavors. Frito Frio has the customer’s own unique preference in mind. They serve preservative free, made to order sundaes and toppings. They will soon be expanding their product line to serve other food and drinks plus they are looking to franchise.

Franchise fee: 360,000 PHP for Metro Manila and 380,000 PHP for provincial outlets.

Contact Details:

1024 Global Corporate Center
1026 EDSA
Muñoz Quezon City

(02) 426 2888 local 356
(02) 426 3888


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