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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Franchising Fast PREP Incorporated

Times are changing, your children needs the edge in his or her studies to make it big in todays world. Why not start them early and give them the advantage over others with Fast PREP Inc. Fast Prep has developed a very effective and innovative reading program that teaches 3.5 to 6-year old children to read in just 30 days or less! We are in fact the first in the world to offer this amazing program.

Due to the success of our program, We would like to announce (and many have much anticipated) that Fast PREP Inc. is now open for franchising. Yes, the company that taught hundreds of kids around Laguna how to read in 30 days will park their school bus in Trinoma Mall as part of our business expansion in Metro Manila. Trinoma will now be new home for Fast Prep Inc.

Now, kids around the Metro Manila area will get to experience the Fast PREP advantage.
If you are interested you may contact us at 0927-394-8488 or in our contact details below.

Los Banos

Tel: (049) 5364851
Official Cell Phone: 63-917-377-9297
Email: /


Tel: (049) 5450512
Official Cell Phone: 63-917-377-9297
Email: /

San Pablo, Laguna

Tel: (049) 5611966
Official Cell Phone: 63-917-377-9297
Email: /



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