Thursday, October 18, 2007

Poverty | Motivation For Business Success

The most successful businessmen in our country came from very humble beginnings. The drive to succeed is greater in people who are poor or have experienced poverty at some point in their lives. I am not saying that well to do people cannot excel or be very successful in business. The knowledge and motivation to succeed in business is not exclusive to any one social class. Well-off and educated people have found success in business. But unless you have personally experienced poverty yourself, the desire and motivation to succeed will not be as great or as passionate.

There are people who sit at their home all day complain and complain that they are poor while some use their poverty as motivation to achieve financial success. Based on my observation, there are two kinds of poor people who want to get rich. People who expect to get rich instantly while doing as little work as possible expecting to win the lottery or depend on the government to be somehow the answer to their prayers by providing them with dole outs of not only food but also money and a house and lot while holding their heads up high as if the state owes them anything. On the other side are people who came to realize and accept the fact that they are poor but are determined to find a way out of destitution by sheer hard work, creativity and ingenuity.

We must realize money does not fall down from heaven; you have to work hard to earn it. Individuals who have experienced poverty before are wiser in making monetary decisions; they treat money as a limited resource not just something that can be spent on a whim without thoroughly thinking it through. You can trust these guys to make the correct business decision and they therefore make excellent entrepreneurs. Anyone can open a business, but to open a business that is successful requires more work than just spending money. It requires discipline from someone who can manage their personal finances well.


benj said...

a very nice information to all the people out there who are more in to complain ... we should not depend in the goverment rather share our talent and expertise , because for me filipino people are talented and gifted just use it in a legal way.

jeb said...

this is a good article. it's a positive point of view. i've put a link of this article on my blog, hope you don't mind.

cool_78 said...

Hi jeb. Sure I don't mind :-) I am glad that you like my article.