Friday, June 22, 2007

Appearances count in Business

In business, it’s not only how competitive your prices are or how great the service you provide. Equally as important is how you and your staff look. Some may argue that doing a good job satisfying your clients needs is more important than looking impressive. While this principle does make good sense, customers have a greater sense of confidence if you and your staff look the part. When dinning in restaurant and being served by not properly dressed member of staff gives the impression that they don’t take their job seriously and, by association, your business does not take it’s customers seriously. Looking and dressing the part shows that you want to impress your customers. You care about your appearance and you want your customers to be impressed.

But physical appearance does not just mean the human factor behind the business. If you are into the manufacturing of consumer goods like canned or processed foods, detergents plus others must be also packaged very nicely. Bright and colorful packaging will entice consumers to choose your products over your competitors. The same guidelines are also applied to company vehicles, the business establishment, even advertisements and promotional material being shown or handed out. The customer’s impression of your business does not just come from having superior products, competitive pricing and service. It also comes from the appearance or image projected by the company and its staff as well as all things that has something to do with your business. In today’s business environment where there are lots similarly priced products and services competing against each other. The ones that leave an overall good impression will always have customers returning.

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