Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Advertising in the Philippines need not be Expensive

Branding and the right media mix is important in reaching the target market for your products and services. Going to a professional advertising agency that makes use of research data in planning and choosing media with impact and allocating budgets for a brand's media mix has become beneficial for many marketers. But having access to a reputable media agency is prohibitively expensive and not everyone has the funds to do so. Unless you have deep pockets, access to television advertising, buying radio air time and placing your product on the huge billboard in EDSA is out of the question for most marketers particularly TV advertising from our country's top two local networks GMA and ABS CBN. Even purchasing advertising from cable TV is also out of reach for most. But there are some alternatives to TV and print media that does not cost as much for those who are on a tight budget but if properly positioned, targets your intended audiences.

There are some newspapers and magazines that offer free ad space which does not cost you a peso. Although its not going to be favorably positioned, its free and at that price you could not go wrong. Even if it brings you just one sale its worth it. Advertising with posters and flyers is also a cheap way to bring your message across. Place your posters near high traffic areas and distribute your flyers with lots of human traffic like LRT or MRT stations. You do not have to spend much on posters and flyers since you can do it by yourself with the help of a computer, proper designing and viola, instant advertising materials. Another medium gaining popularity is the Internet. Advertising in the Internet cost significantly far less than TV, radio and print media but delivers just as well if you properly position yourself to the right market. Creating a free website with free hosting will cost you nothing and would give your company a website which interested clients can visit to learn more about your company.

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