Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Joys Of Online Stock Trading

Before I started buying stocks online, I have quite a few misconceptions about the nature of the stock market like its more of a gamble than an investment, but now I know there is more to it than just randomly investing and just hope for the best as it requires lots of research and charting. It is intimidating for someone like me with no knowledge of how to trade where to start, how to pick stocks to invest in and where to find a broker. Fortunately for me, a friend introduced me to stock trading online and I was immediately hooked due to the ease of buying and selling stocks coupled with the lowest fee outside of a traditional broker which is only 0.25% or 20 pesos whichever is higher.

Two of our country's online stock brokers are CitisecOnline (https://www.citiseconline.com) and Philstocks (https://www.philstocks.ph) can start trading stocks right away for as low as 5,000 pesos for Philstocks and 25,000 for CitisecOnline. Funding is relatively easy via bank deposit or online fund transfers. CitisecOnline also provides financing for blue chips stocks up to twice your current buying power. For those who are already trading stocks the traditional way, diversifying into online trading will make a great addition to your investment portfolio and spread your risks. I highly recommend signing up for their free tour to familiarize yourself with stock trading.

Once you have signed up, even if you are totally clueless on where to begin, there are basic guides on where to start and lots of information available at their website to turn you into a savvy stock trader. There are Fundamental and Technical research guides on which recommended stocks to buy which is basically like having your personal investment advisor. You are basically responsible for you account so you have full access and control unlike traditional brokers who you have to call up and constantly monitor to buy or sell at your desired amount, which unless you are a big client will be unlikely as they will of course take care of their bread and butter clients.


Gibo said...

i have just registered for an online stock trading account and attended the broker's free orientation. i am very excited but a bit scared too as i have am unsure of how to start. meaning, i don't have the slightest inkling of what would be a good first stock purchase. :) i did reserve for a slot in absolute traders' next seminar but it's not going happen til october. for now, i guess i will have to research and hope that i won't lose too much of my already small start up capital. :)

cool_78 said...

Hello Gibo! Congratulations on signing up for an online stock trading account :-) What is nice about these online stock brokers like citiseconline and philstocks is that they regularly conduct free seminars on stock trading and they do provide tips and reviews on what stocks you should buy. But of course you also have to do the research yourself. Good luck on your latest venture and I hope we can makes lots of money from this :-D