Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Taking a break from your business

Taking a break from your business

Having your own business can be very stressful, especially if things are not going your way. Sometime its just best to take a break from your work and business by going on a vacation or get a new hobby. Your time away from your business should refresh your mind, body and outlook so you will have new energy to take on the problems and challenges that lie ahead.

When you do nothing but sit around your store, you will get the most out of participating in an outdoor sport event like golf, tennis or badminton which is popular here in the Philippines. You could also go on a trip outside the country or a beach like Boracay.

But if can't go on vacations due to business obligations, why not go on a working vacation, a combination of work and relaxation can be rejuvenating. When going out of town for business or suppliers meeting, extend your stay by a day or two to relax and enjoy the local view.


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