Monday, January 01, 2007

Handling stress in the Philippine business and work environment

Handling stress in business and work

Most Filipinos experience stress on a daily basis whether as the head of your own business or an employee. Most don't cope well under pressure, but handling stress is a skill most Pinoys can acquire with conscious effort.

First realize that no one is perfect, don't expect perfection from others and from yourself. There are times that you will fail but instead of not loosing sleep over it, learn from it. Become stronger from that experience, allow yourself a margin for error but make sure you minimize repeating your mistakes since sometimes it takes failing more than once to learn. Make sure you don't overextend yourself. You will be bound to be under extra pressure and don't lose your perspective. Not every day is full of problems and another day means another opportunity, a new challenge and a reason to look forward to.

Learn to paper yourself once in a while. Go to a spa or massage parlor to relax and reduce stress. Work at getting some relaxation. Get into sports or hobbies, watch movies and go out on dates with your wife or special someone, avoid being a workaholic. Don't set unrealistic or unreasonable goals and deadlines. Pushing yourself and others will lead to stress.


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