Saturday, December 30, 2006

Training your staff Is an investment

Training Is an investment

For the average Pinoy company, the concept that training is an expense is false. Training is an investment. Of course not every mom and pop shop can afford to train their employees, specially for small business owners. But for those who can afford it, its money well spent.

Companies who train their employees have the best chance for growth and profitability. Both top local and international companies that operate in the Philippines regularly conduct various seminars for their employees, some even send them abroad to study.

In a tight labor market, sometimes the wisest thing to do is to cross train a high percentage of people. But the kind of should be wisely considered. Don't spend it on training's that people say sound interesting, or because they are having a cheap seminar package or even fads. Train your people based on what the individual needs most to be a productive contributor of your business. This develops skill and loyalty among employees.


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