Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Online Trading

Online Trading

Online Trading is fast becoming an excellent alternative for people who don't have time to deal with stock brokers but are in the stock market game. Aside from the convenience that you can monitor all stock transactions online and make orders and purchases just as easily and monitor how much your stocks gain or loss without having to manually compute or place it on an excel file, the system automatically does it for you.

If you are interested in online stock trading I highly recommend CitisecOnline. They are one of the first and the best in their field. They do require you to maintain a balance of 25k php in your account. Somewhat higher than their competitors, but they are stable and one of the leaders in their industry.

They also charge a low commission rate of 0.25% of the gross trade amount with a minimum of 20 pesos per trade. So head over to their website https://www.citiseconline.com and open an account now.

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    turtlepace said...

    hi, i thought PHP5,000 is good as minimum investment..is this not true?

    cool_78 said...

    Hello turtlepace! For CitisecOnline the minimum investment amount is 25k php. Philstocks does offer 5k php as their minimum investment, this is their website https://www.philstocks.ph

    Although the stock market is currently bearish, now is the right time to pick up bargain stocks. When the market does go up eventually, then you can cash in on your investments.

    Dupax said...

    how can u know which stocks are on sale or bargain?