Thursday, December 28, 2006

Leaving your job to venture into business in the Philippines

Quit you job and venture into business

Would you sacrifice a high paying job just to venture into business? If you already have a stable 9 to 5 job would you risk it all for business? The most obvious motivation for someone is the potential for greater financial gain for someone running his or her own business rather than working for someone. And as the saying goes, the one who takes the greatest risk and invest the most in time, talent and reputation is entitled to the greatest reward.

Most Filipinos are raised by their parents to have a good education so that they can find good high paying jobs from international or domestic corporations. Seldom are their entrepreneurial skills encouraged and developed unlike the Tsinoys that has long since dominated Philippine business as evident by the recent survey that two out of the three richest businessmen in the country are Tsinoys Henry Sy and Lucio Tan. We can learn a lot about their entrepreneurial spirits and their rise from rags to riches. They are self made billionaires despite not being a government official or appointed by one.

The opportunity to go into business today is as great as ever despite a slow down in the retail and manufacturing sector since being flooded by cheap imported products abroad. But before deciding to quit your job for a business venture. Never start a business half hearted with the idea that you will try it for a year or two. Once you decide to start a business, commit yourself to it.


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