Saturday, November 18, 2006

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing

The internet has produced lots of new ways to promote your business. As the number of people using the internet has increased over the years and is still increasing. Advertising through the internet can no longer be ignored by big business. Here in the Philippines, although internet use is rising steadily. Not a lot of people are buying online beacause most of us prefer to stroll through mall or tiangge, but things could change in the near future and its best for business owners to start promoting their products online when online buying and selling eventually catches on. On of the most effective way to promote your product is via affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the process by which a blog or a website drives traffic to your company through specially formatted links, and the web site's publisher earns commissions on clicks, leads, or purchases made through the links. This type of maketing was pioneered by in 1996, affiliate marketing has now grown to a billion-dollar industry and drives a significant share of customers to online retailers.

It's easy to understand why affiliate marketing is so popular for web publishers and merchants. Without any upfront costs, a web publisher gets rewarded for referring customers, and a merchant pays a commission only after a sale is made. Almost every leading online retailer or wholesaler has an affiliate program.


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