Monday, September 18, 2006

Franchising Mobile carwash

The people who value their time and convenience are our target market. People can have their car cleaned without the hassle of going through traffic just to line up in a nearby carwash station and waist time waiting for their turn. In some areas, people can have the luxury of Professionalized Car Cleaning in the comfort of their own home or office.

Most of our areas of operations are situated in the Mall's parking area. People can have their car cleaned while they shop for their basic needs, dine-out, meet with prospective clients or business partners. They can relax / unwind / have fun with their family while they're at the mall. They don't need to watch over their vehicle while it's being cleaned because they are assured that their vehicles will be taken cared of. They are guaranteed with excellent service. As soon as they are done, they can go back to the parking lot and drive home with a clean vehicle.

Branches: 28 (Company Managed - 20 Franchisee Managed - 8)
Areas open for franchise: Call
Franchise Fee:

  • Pushcart Model Php 95,000 / unit
  • Minivan Model Php 250,000 / unit

Contact: Norman Ray Gacula
Tel. 6700-6397 / 8880
Telefax 6700-0444 / 6700-6397


Anonymous said...

we are a victim of car wash franchising modus operandi so be sure that it is a legitimate franchise

ming said...

is it posibble to operate in davao city area? do you operate currently in malls?

Spalare In Parcare said...

WASH MY CAR - the mobile car wash franchise starts the worldwide expansion!
We are looking for Master franchise and Unit franchise in every country!

WASH MY CAR - the mobile car wash franchise is a new concept in Europe and it means washing the car on the spot where it is parked.
WASH MY CAR - the mobile car wash franchise is an ecological mobile car wash service and a green franchise.
WASH MY CAR - the mobile car wash franchise is what YOU need!
Start YOUR business TODAY!
Start WASH MY CAR - The mobile car wash franchise!

For at least 4 reasons:
1. The mobile car wash business will have an exponential grow in the next years due to the numerous restrictions imposed to the classical car wash units by the environmental regulations (water consumption, filtration systems etc.). These restrictions do not affect the WASH MY CAR - The mobile car wash franchise concept, which is perfectly fitted to the environmental requirements.

2. TIME IS MONEY. WASH MY CAR - The mobile car wash franchise service saves the customer’s time needed to go to a classical car wash unit, to wait at a queue and to waste time for the washing procedure.

3. WASH MY CAR - The mobile car wash franchise concept uses 3 distinct methods for mobile car washing, being UNIQUE WORLDWIDE from this point of view. The kind of car washing may be adapted to each customer.
4. The investment to start the WASH MY CAR - The mobile car wash franchise business is low and the profit rate is over 60%!

Contact us:

Hadqiqa said...

To whom it may concern:
Please be careful in getting into franchise with Mobile Car Wash or even dealing with the supposed to be authorized person. You might be one of the victims. Check the background of the person you are dealing with. Check with NBI and some of the Courts in Metro Manila. Just a warning from a concern OFW.