Monday, September 18, 2006

Franchising Kameraworld photo processing station

Kameraworld is a one-stop, one-hour photo and digital imaging shop that has served the photographic needs of Filipinos for the last 25 years. Awarded the "World Class Filipino Retailer" in 1997 by PRA. Kameraworld today boasts of more than 70 outlets, about 40% of which are franchised.

Contact details:

Diognes L. Gueco
Tel:638-3157 to 59


ading said...

hi! i would like to franchise a digital photo developing and proceesing station but i dont know where to start. cand you give me a rough estimate of how much would it cost for the franchising, training and support.

many thanks,


cool_78 said...

Hello ading. A rough estimate of a kameraworld franchise is around 300k including the digital equipment, you could call Mr. Diognes Gueco at their telephone numbers at 638-3157 to 59 for more information. Good luck :-)

Maehope said...

hi! i am an OFW and i want to know more about getting a franchise for Kameraworld can you give the email add of the contact person?



Anonymous said...

Hi! I am an OFW from UAE with a passion in Photography. I would like to know the process and the cost of franchising Kameraworld. I will appreciate if you can send me replay thru my email address.

Thanking you in advance.


Joe said...

hi, I'm an OFW, i would like to franchise a Kameraworld photo processing. Can you give me a rough estimate about the cost of franchising? tks