Sunday, September 17, 2006

Franchising Georgian lane retail store

Georgian Lane, a retailer and manufacturer of 18th-century-style furniture and accessories, gives every home a quaint and elegant appeal. Timeless and charming, their pieces offer the customer a picture of old-world glamour.

Contact details:

Dominic Gerard Griffith
Tel:(632) 801-0225, (632) 806-6176, (632) 806-7012
Fax:(632) 806-7104

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    samiam said...

    Dominic, I would definitely be interested in opening a franchise store with you. Please call me 303-494-1034. Philip

    bunky rothschild said...

    dom. these franchises look pretty lame to me. have you got anything better?

    Anonymous said...

    Dominic Gerard Griffith is a SCAM, stay away!