Saturday, September 16, 2006

Franchising Everything online internet cafe

Why Franchise an Everything Online – Internet Cafe Plus?

1. Everything Online offers a complete Internet Cafe Plus solution in a box.

Our marketing team together with PLDT continues to create partnerships and develop products for you to increase your revenue potential. Services like load/e-pin retailing platforms & international calling facilities are just some of the Plus included in the basic set-up. Upcoming products & services include e-ticketing that enables you to re-sell airline tickets and profit from it.

2. Easy Start-up: Low Entry Investment with Quick Returns

Everything Online makes it easy for you to start your own franchise. There is no franchise fee upfront. Approved franchisee will just invest on the computer hardware, software and fixtures (tables & chairs) for the chosen package that starts at P35,000. Everything online wants you to maximize the returns on your investment so that you can set-up more franchises of our Internet Cafe Plus. Everything Online does not charge any royalty fee (percent of sales) from our franchisees as traditional franchisors do. The low franchise fee of 700 Pesos to a high of 2,000 Pesos monthly for multiple workstations covers for Everything Online’s operating expense for business building, technical, research/development and customer services. Return on investment potential can be as quick as 6 months to 1 year.

3. Add-on to Existing Businesses

Everything Online can provide incremental revenue to your existing business. You can co-locate your Everything Online Internet Cafe Plus franchise to maximize the unused space in you business or perhaps your home garage. This can not only provide additional sources of revenue from computer rental, international calling & load retailing but also increase foot traffic in your business.

1. Some Samples of existing business where you can set-up an Internet Cafe Plus

- Fast-Food Restaurants
- Coffee Shops
- Schools / Universities
- Mall Shops / Department Stores
- Grocery / Public Market / Sari-sari Store
- Hotels
- Gas Stations

2. Minimal Space Required – With 1-3 square meters, you can already set-up a 1-2 workstation franchise of an Internet Cafe Plus that will enable you to retail e-products & services for additional revenue.

3. No Maintenance Option – Everything Online self service technology allows you to convert your Everything Online Stations to operate without any manpower requirement. Franchisee have the option to avail of our self service kit that will allow staffless operation.

4. Franchise Packages Starts at P35,000 for the 1 PC set-up which includes the following:

  • Business Franchise System / Use of Everything Online Internet Cafe Plus trademark & logo.
  • PC Hardware (Redfox & AMD Certified) with system network configuration
  • Microsoft Certified Operation System
  • Computer Table & Chair
  • Internet Cafe Plus Marketing Materials –Everything Online Streamers & Signage (selected locations)
  • Preinstalled Software Applications for;
    - online Internet Cafe Billing System
    - International Calling (Voice over I.P)
    - Online Gaming
    - E-learning (depends on the industry need)
  • Everything Online Load & Pin Retailing Platform
  • Smart Padala accreditation.
  • Training & Business development Support
Customer service & technical support

Franchise Package Modules:

  • 1 PC Module P 35,000
  • 2 PC Module P 70,000
  • 5 PC Module P175,000
  • 10 PC Module P350,000

Contact information:

Help Desk: 637-3323
Sales: 637-7234
Telefax No. 631-0506

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    Consultant said...

    We are into Consulting and Outsourcing. We help you to start up your very own i-cafe business. Minimum required capital is only P60k (10 units). Don't have cash? Get a cash loan with us! Txt at 09189074556 or sun number 09226619210.

    Consulting. Outsourcing.

    dylind t.summers said...

    ready na sna ako mgstart ng computeran kc mlakas d2 sa amin lalo na ang internet games,6 units ng computer sna gus2 ng anak ko,mron na ng-alok sa amin na mg-install dw ng computer 12,300 per unit,ok ba yon? o mas-okay kng mg-franchise nlng ako sa inyo?pls help me..pls txt me nlng sa # ko 0927-636-4112/0927-827-7715..THANK YOU.

    cool_78 said...

    Hi! Thanks for dropping by and visiting my blog. 12.3k per unit for a complete PC is not bad. Pero yung important thing is anu yung specs ng PC na binebenta sayo kasi baka hindi kakayanin para sa latest games. If for internet surfing lang ok na kahit hindi ganun ka ganda ang specs. I dont own Everything on line but you could contact them for more info.

    By the way just a safety tip. Kailangan original Windows ang gagamitin ninyo per PC unit so if 6 units ang pc kailangan 6 original copies of Windows XP kasi pag nag check ang intellectual property police natin kukunin ang PC units ninyo na hindi orig ang Windows XP na ginamit at malaki laki rin ang babayarin para tubusin.

    ma. mercedes said...

    hi! I am very much interested to put up my own internet cafe, but still saving money to start it. Consultant's offer of 60k for 10 units sounds interesting. will you send me more info about this. You can email me at Thanks.

    Anonymous said...

    im interested with your 60k 10 units. im putting up an internet cafe. i own the place where i will put it and it is now ready, its just beside our existing store and videoke place. pls. e-mail me details --


    meem said...

    Hi Good day!i have this much 250T pesos and i need to start something or business from this amount.what advice can u give me since that amount is the only thing i have to invest in a business.Kindly tell me the things to consider on how to avoid risk in what type of business i must be into.Sometimes i am thinking of entering into a business partnership and sometimes i am thinking of starting a new one.So what do u think is the best to decide upon.Pls share with me some good tips and advises on how and what to avoid.My location is in Taguig City, Philippines.Thanks! and God Bless...

    cool_78 said...

    Hello Meem. First you must decide what niche you want to get into. I suggest something that you will enjoy doing since you will be dedicating most of your time in this new venture. But by the look of things, I think the food business is thriving. Then after deciding comes the most important part in business, finding a good location. Ideally somewhere with lots of human traffic especially if your niche is about food. In the recto station of LRT2 in Manila, there is a food kiosk there called the Siomai House, which sells siomai and palamig has a very brisk business. I travel there everyday and I have never seen them without any customers. I have gone there as early as 7 a.m and went home as late as 8:30 p.m and that place is still jammed pack with customers. Due to the number of people going in and out of the station, and competitively priced product that is well within reach by the students and the masa has made them a business success. Another great location is near schools and inside the malls. But leasing inside malls is quite expensive especially for popular malls like SM and they usually demand a percentage of your total sales daily.

    Entering into a partnership can be very beneficial since you will have a bigger capital for our business and you can pool your talents and experience together. But before entering into any agreement, you must make sure that everything has been taken into account in your partnership agreement before you have it notarized. Make sure there is an exit clause in case one of you decided you want out of the partnership. Everything has to be written down and in black and white. I do hope I did provide some answers to your questions and if you need more questions or advice don't hesitate to ask and I'll try my best to answer them. Thanks so much for reading my blog.

    Anonymous said...

    ok lng ba na ang windows xp ko ay HOME VERSION/edition? kc eto lng ang kaya ng budget ko pra sa computer shop ko.thanks

    cool_78 said...

    Hello. Yup Windows XP home edition is ok for an Internet cafe. But consider upgrading to Windows Vista in the future since most games and application will be shifting to 64-bit soon. But XP still has a good one to two years life span.

    Nino said...

    Hi consultant. I am planning to put up my own internet cafe and reading 60K per 10 units is very inviting. I can't decide to get a loan for that much 'cause I have other expenses that I need to worry about especially right now that my wife and I are expecting a baby in 4 months. But defenitely, after the baby's out and all our expenses have been settled, I'd be venturing in this business ASAP. In the meantime, have some advice on how to properly manage a business like this. I have seen a lot of PC stations come and go in a snap of a finger and I want to make sure that all my bases a cleared before venturing into this business. So, advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated. BTW, you can email me your responses at: or txt me at 09202811834.

    Anonymous said...

    the 60k(10 units) for an internet cafe business sounds to good to be true.

    maheto said...

    60k 10 units ... hmmmmmmmmm.. i could be interested...more info pse