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Franchising CTAM

CTAM stands for Center for Traditional and Alternative Medicine; where the discussion, treatment and selling of medicine in the form of food supplements takes place. Traditional refers to the treatment utilizing nature’s unique healing power. Alternative refers to medicine other then usually prescribed by hospitals and doctors.

CTAM is a division of IPI (International Pharmaceuticals, Incorporated), manufacturer of a diverse product line, such as Pharmaceuticals, Herbal Products, Soaps and Detergents, Toiletries and Veterinary, Cosmetics, Galenicals, Chemical supplies, Hospital supplies, Diagnostic Reagents, Bio-medical Equipment & Analyzers and Disposable & Glassware, Denatured Alcohol, Refined Ethyl Alcohol Fats & Oils.

The IPI Management approaches Centers on “quality” and aims a long-term success through customer satisfaction and benefits to all members of society. All of these activities ensure that every IPI product manufactured and sold in the domestic and international markets are of high quality standard.

CTAM offers a natural way of healing; the use of alternative medicine and natural way of treatment such as acupuncture, reflexology and massage therapy.


A healthy inner ecology is the best defense against disease. Keep healthy by addressing your body’s ecological balance and overall immunity.
The basic approach is to discover and eliminate the causes of disease.
When treatment is necessary, use the most natural, non-toxic and least invasive therapy.
Treat the whole person and teach the patient to develop a healthy diet and lifestyle and trust in the healing power of nature.

Natural products have many advantages. The herbal medicinal products which the Center offers to the patients/customers are products made with utmost care and efficacy and expected to bring good effects to its’ users. Its advantages are as follows:

Alternative medicine do not deplete the nutrients of our body
It helps us to strengthen our body immune system
It has no side effects
Its beneficial effect is not concentrated to a specific disease only and can cure several diseases
It is safe to use alternative medicine
It is affordable compared to prescribed drugs and proven effective

It is not the conventional way of treatment the Doctor is using in dealing with the patients. She/he uses “Anthroposophic Medicine” which deals with spiritual, mental and psychological aspects of an individual. If the In-house Doctor is a licensed Acupuncturist or a Acupuncturist is available, Acupuncture can be added as service to the patient.

The Center uses some machines we believe cure diseases. These devices go together with alternative medicines for better results.

The RIFE P.I.O. INSTRUMENT was developed by Scientist named Royal Raymond Rife. He discovered that the Unique Electronic Signature of each Specific Disease can be modified to eliminate nearly every affliction known to man. There is a list of patients who, after they used the machine reported experiencing changes and are healed from their disease.

Beside, the Center uses the ZAPPER MACHINE (Bio-Electronic Therapy) that is used to kill the bacteria and viruses by zapping. This means selectively electrocuting them by applying positive voltage. Another machine that is used to cure the patient’s ailment is the QUIGONG Machine. This machine is used to regulate muscles and help the patient to relax.


All products, which the Center offers are food based and produced by International Pharmaceutical Inc. They are medicinal derivatives, which serves as a food and dietary supplement made from rare species of leaves, roots, fruits and bark of trees. CTAM offers products such as Chardeto, Grachiya, Vaporin air sanitizers, Ethyl Alcohol, Germicidal Soap, Renio-K Herbal Tea and many more. Modern Research has validated most of the early uses for CHARDETO and discovered new applications:

1. Used as a universal antidote for drugs, chemicals, and poison due to its adsorbent property

2. Used to clear drugs and intoxicants that entered the body through oral, by injection or other routes. Chardeto hastens the time for an intoxicant to leave the system and decreases the duration and intensity of symptoms.

3. Used as detoxifier, preventing the toxins from destroying the health.

4. Used as life-extending agent for it decreases many cellular changes associated with aging process, resulting to a healthy, longer life span.

5. Used to lower total lipids concentration, cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood serum, liver, heart and brain.

6. Used to reduce the activity of some viruses, prevents poisonous activity of many harmful bacteria in the body, adsorbing toxins and enzymes that the body accumulates.

7. Used as an effective additional regimen to the treatment of systemic Candida albicans infection.

8. Used for various intestinal complaints.

9. Used as an anti-flatulent.

Another known product of CTAM is the Renio-K, a Herbal Tea preparation processed from naturally dried leaves and stems of popularly known medicinal plants which are long known for their beneficial effects on blood sugar level, kidney problems and urinary tract infections. There had been much research done on its components and their ability to reduce blood sugar levels and help cure kidney and urinary disease.

People nowadays are getting sick due to harmful germs in the air. Everyday we face the risk of getting infected with diseases they bring. Everywhere we are exposed to these germs, and anytime we come in contact with those who already are infected by them, making ourselves and the persons we love prone to getting diseases brought about by them like cough, pneumonia, emphysema, pleurisy, chronic bronchitis and other upper respiratory diseases and lung disorders.

International Pharmaceuticals, Inc., in its bid to support the “Clean Air Act” national campaign, has produced VAPORIN Air Sanitizer to help eliminate and control the spread on harmful microorganisms in the air we breathe.


The Doctor is in charge to discuss the use of alternative medicine. She/he must be trained in conventional medical disciplines as well as in alternative approaches. She/he integrates this knowledge according to principles that recognize the body’s inherent ability to heal itself, the importance of prevention, and the possibility of therapeutic use of nutrition to promote health and fight diseases.

The Massage Therapist is the one who will render the massage service on the patient. She/he must be a licensed therapist, with experience is an advantage.

She is getting and keeping all the information of the patient. As a Receptionist, she deals with the patients who enter the Center. As a Cashier, her duties are to accept payments and record all the transactions. She must get all the initial information of the patient then refer to the Doctor for further treatment or refer to the Therapist for massage service.


All products sold in the Center are manufactured by IPI, which is known for its high standard quality products. Aside from the products, the Center offers RIFE machine, ZAPPER machine, and QUIGONG machine, Reflexology and Massage Therapy and Acupuncture Services (optional). The high quality, low-cost products and good service make CTAM stand out in the therapeutic business.



1.) Individual with business knowledge
2.) Majored person, strong leadership and people-handling skills
3.) Good moral character and must have compassion for others
4.) A graduate of Medicine or a family member who is a graduate
5.) Willingness and ability to undergo and successfully complete the CTAM training program.


Franchises are awarded nationwide. Minimum space is 40 square meter either in:

1.) Hospital Ground Floor
2.) Doctor’s Clinic Building
3.) Commercial Areas (near public markets, jeepney stations, etc.)
4.) For upper Floors an elevator is required
5.) Residential Area


  • Use of CTAM business name and trade mark
  • Utilization of CTAM business system
  • High quality and beneficial medicinal products
  • Profitable business venture
  • Low Franchise Fee
  • No Franchise Royalty on product sale
  • Credibility of the IPI brand and name recognition
  • Site selection assistance and evaluation
  • Training
  • Pre-Opening assistance
  • Grand Opening assistance
  • Post Opening assistance
  • Effective Field Service
  • Marketing and promotional assistance
  • On-going operational support
  • Procurement Program
  • Operations Manual


Franchise Fee: Pesos 150,000.00

  • Discounted for first Franchises to Pesos 100,000 inclusive of:
  • Rife P.I.O. Instrument worth US$ 1,000.00
  • IPI Herbal Traditional Medical Products worth Pesos 50,000.00
  • Trade Name and Proprietary marks
  • Site approval
  • 1 month Training for Franchisee & employees
  • Procurement program
  • Marketing assistance
  • 2 weeks opening assistance
  • Operations Manual
  • Research & Development
  • Display poster and materials

Initial Term: 4 years
Renewal term: 4 years
Renewal fee: 30% of the then charged franchise fee
Royalty: none on products
Advertisement: Pesos 10,000 Grand Opening Marketing, 1% of gross sales for Local Marketing by Franchisee
Product purchases: discounted from IPI

Contact details:

RK Franchise Consultancy
Ground Floor Minnesota Mansion, 267 Ermin Garcia, Cubao
1109 Quezon City, Philippines
Manila (02) 912-2946, 912-2973, Nationwide Tollfree: 1800-10-88888RK

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