Monday, July 17, 2006

Advantages and disadvantages of online selling


- 24x7 operations (order taking system)

- no concept of physical space. (ie. a stall in the mall can only accomodate a few people, in
ecommerce, even 100 people browsing your site at 1 time can be possible.

- no rent, utilities expense, just webhosting and web maintenance.

- if you are selling downloadable stuff (ie. ebooks, music, documents, video..etc) then there would be no shipping cost.


- nobody knows you exist. you need to do Internet Marketing both offline and online
(online- promote your site to lots of people like this forum)
(offline- post ads in newspapers and other traditional advertising materials)

- some people are afraid of buying online (ie. giving out credit card details)

- Normal business regulations apply.

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