Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Franchise Food Carts

Ease of set-up, low capital requirement, and high chances of success are making food carts the business of choice of many aspiring entrepreneurs.

A food cart is a business you can start on small capital. Industry estimates show that the country's 800 different food cart formats rake in more than 1 billion pesos in sales every year in the Philippines. The food cart business has other advantages:

It is manageable and portable. With a simple four- to 10-product menu, it is not as messy to manage as a full-service restaurant. And if the business does not work out in one location, you can easily move it to one with more foot traffic. Proof of its ease of set up is the over 400 food cart businesses - some with over a hundred units each sprouting all over Metro Manila in the last few years.

'As in any retail business, where you place your cart is as important as what you sell. ' Schools, where you have a captured market, are also a good location for a food cart business. The product-location match, right pricing, and customer retention strategies.

Like all businesses, you have to have the right product, at the right price, and the right location to sell it to attract as many customers and keep them coming back. So says pre-packed, ready-to-go food like sealed pastries should sell well at bus and jeepney terminals.

Aside from being handy, customers won't be turned off by the idea that their food is exposed to the smoke and fumes at these transport stations. On the other hand, a cooking cart is ideal in enclosed locations where customers can appreciate how their food is prepared.

Now, are you ready to hop onto the food cart wagon?

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