Monday, May 01, 2006

Franchise Location, Location, Location...

Most of thoose who franchise are interested to go into the food business particularly the foodcart for a start. There's lots of choices and franchise fee is as low as P15,000 (pesos).

But no matter how good or popular your franchise is, your success mainly depends on the location you have chosen for your foodcart and the target market (For the class A or for the masses) for your products.

Another inportant factor in choosing the right location for your food cart is the rent. Most of us would love to put up a stand inside the mall but most cant afford it. But its is also useless to rent a place that is cheap but has little or no human traffic at all.

Here are some locations you might want to consider putting up your food cart franchise

  • Schools - Constant & steady supply of customers. but the disadvantage of schools is during their christmas and summer vacation because you have no one to sell to.
  • Tricycle/jeepney/bus terminals and MRT/LRT stations - Lots of human traffic, from the masses and working class.
  • Malls - You are ensured of 10,000 people going in and out of the malls everyday, but the rent is expensive and most demand a percentage from your gross sales.
  • Government agencies - Also has a lot of human traffic going on and most will be hungry after finishing their transaction since it usually takes half a day to get things done in our country.

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